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The Science of Love

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano January 6, 2021
Science if love-how we fall in love

What is love? Is it some cosmic, ethereal, undefinable entity that eludes all but a lucky few?  Have you ever met someone and felt an immediate connection? Falling in love requires three ingredients: mental, emotional, and physical harmony. These components form the foundation of a healthy relationship. There is a fourth element that brings longevity to your relationships; it is having a common vision, which is discussed in detail in the article Sustainable Relationships. This is the science of love.

Understanding how and why you fall in love (i.e. the science of love) will help you create the relationship you desire. Timing and opportunity are factors, but there are countless stories of star-crossed lovers meeting and falling in love at the most inconvenient time and place. They felt a captivating force bringing them together. When this happens, mental, emotional, and physical harmony are present.

When you meet someone, there are a multitude of things happening beneath the surface. You are interacting with three levels of someone’s personality: their mind, spirit, and body. These are energy and information centers that vibrate at a very specific frequency. These three vibrations are always seeking harmony. You are naturally drawn to similar and or higher levels of vibration. The Law of Attraction, also known as “vibration and attraction,” is based on this principle.

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