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Chemical Romance

written by Dr. Erin Leonard October 3, 2018
Chemical Romance

Chemistry is a magical force which attracts one person to another. In many cases, it facilitates healthy love, for a lifetime. In other situations, it blinds lovers to several important insights. All in all, it is a mysterious and powerful phenomenon.

When I was a kid, after my uncle’s third divorce, my mom shook her head and said to me, “It’s always whatever first attracts people to each other that breaks them apart in the end.” She herself said she was attracted to my dad because he made her laugh; yet, 30 years later, he rarely makes her smile.

As I sit with heartbroken clients who are decimated by the dissolution of a marriage, the breaking off of an engagement, or a break up that has ripped apart their soul, the resounding sentiment is, “He/she wasn’t like this when I first met him/her.”

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