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Giving Chemistry a Chance to Grow

written by Susan Trombetti October 24, 2019
Giving Chemistry a Chance to Grow

Everyone is looking for chemistry. I get so tired of telling people that you have to wait for chemistry to develop sometimes. You know, give it a chance to grow and at least agree to a second date.

The Problem

People think they are supposed to have it – or not – on the first date. They think they know immediately whether or not there is chemistry.

Some people never give it a chance to develop, which is why they need a matchmaker to help them. They pass lots of good people up because they don’t realize they have met what they are looking for so many times but just didn’t realize it. They thought that the chemistry was missing.

A myth

You hear so many stories about how people who are hopelessly in love after 50 years looked across the room – and just knew that was he or she was “the one.” Their eyes locked, she was smolderingly sexy, and he looked exactly as she had always dreamed “the one” would look, and blah blah blah. I bet, more often than not, people scan the room and find some hot guy or girl smiling back, but it turns out not to be a spark.

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