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Make a Connection with a Man on the First Date

12 Simple Do’s and Don’ts

written by Lisa Copeland June 4, 2019
Make a Connection with a Man on the First Date

The 12 do’s and don’ts to make a connection on the first date.

Last week, I watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond called “The Sister-In-Law.” This episode was a perfect example of just how differently men and women think conversation connects us; this is something you want to be aware of when you head out on a first date.

The story begins with Raymond having the house all to himself. He’s decided to spend his time watching a basketball game with his brother. Waiting for Robert to show up, Ray is as happy as can be eating one of his favorite food groups, potato chips.

Then the door opens, and who walks in? Robert’s wife, Amy. She parks herself right next to Raymond on the couch and starts telling him about her shopping trip and the challenges she had with the sales lady.

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