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Why Your Husband Shuts Down

written by Sharon Pope December 11, 2020
Why Your Husband Shuts Down

Men (husband) want to communicate with the women they love, but how they need to go about it is likely to be very different. – Shaunti Feldhahn

My client Cynthia, processes things very quickly; she has to. She’s a wife, a mother, an executive and CEO of a very busy household. And when there’s an issue in her marriage, she wants to be able to talk it through with her husband in order to come to a resolution. Her frustration is that she feels like her husband shuts down, won’t talk to her about the issue, and then she believes he doesn’t care. The resentment from not talking about it and arguing about the same unresolved issues over and over again has built up over the years for Cynthia, and now she’s just angry and totally disconnected from her husband.

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