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Laughter is Paramount in a Lasting Relationship

To hell with respect, the only thing that makes a relationship last is laughter.

written by Tal Araim September 23, 2020
Laughter is Paramount in a Lasting Relationship

Why are humans so dumb? We prefer to persevere with a familiar habit that brings about a negative result almost always rather than try something new that just might produce a better outcome. Relationships, the vast majority of them, get dull and the love fades, yet the most common question coaches are asked is “how can we make the love last?”

Thinking Outside The Box

If the number of relationships that get dull or end outnumber those that start fun and stay so for years and years (even after a mortgage and kids, money issues, in-laws, and so on), then we need to realize that whatever advice is being given by family, friends, and experts is just not working. We need to think out of the box, it’s a no brainer. Continuing with the same regurgitated wisdom will continue to produce the same negative, annoying, dull results. What is enraging is that the answer is literally staring us in the face: 

If you don’t want things to get dull, don’t use a gauge that measures dull things, use one that measures fun.

Whenever people are asked, “what makes a relationship work?”, their answers include words such as respect, communication, compromise, patience, listening, kindness, caring…. I have to stop now to avoid you falling asleep. Not a single one of you got a stirring in your loins when reading that sentence. Those aspects are boring, dull, and libido crushing; they are secondary when it comes to love.

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