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Are Any Good Men Around When Dating After 50?

written by Lisa Copeland September 25, 2020
Are Any Good Men Around When Dating After 50?

As you already know, attracting Mr. Right into your life can be a bit challenging. Unfortunately, growing up with fairy tales as children and romantic movies as an adult, you probably got an unrealistic picture of who men are and how they operate in the dating world.

Attracting “Mr. Right”

Just think Hallmark Movies. Your heart just pitter-patters when the couple falls in love, right? The movies make it seem as though chemistry, not getting to know someone is the secret for finding love. I know when I first started dating, I was definitely looking for Prince Charming to just show up on my doorstep.

In my dreams, he’d sweep me off my feet and take care of me forever financially and emotionally. Oh, and the other part of that dream was we would never argue. Funny dream and totally unrealistic for finding and keeping love in your life!

I was forgetting something really important in this equation. I wasn’t looking at what I was going to contribute to the relationship, only what he was going to offer me. For some crazy reason, I figured my presence would be enough.

Today, this scenario makes me laugh, but at the time, I really believed the Perfect Man would just walk into my life and I’d know him the second we met. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot since then, and to attract Mr. Right, I realized I had to stop letting men choose me.

Dating Tool: Quality Man Template

My power came from having a clear vision of who Mr. Right was beyond a couple of qualities I thought were important at the time. I had to dig deep on this, and I ended up figuring out a formula called a Quality Man Template that showed me exactly who the right man was for me.

My Quality Man Template is a comprehensive tool that includes looking at patterns of men you’re attracted to, your deal-breakers, the qualities you want in a man, the values that are important to you, and how you wanted to feel around him.

This dating tool does two things for you: It sends a message to the Universe that this is who you are looking for. And it keeps you from getting involved with the wrong men over and over again.

Now, I have a few questions for you:
  • What makes your guy the right man for you?
  • Is it his values? The way he looks? The way you feel when you’re around him?
  • Is it a man who can afford fine dining or expensive vacations?
  • Or is it what he does in life?
  • Does he have any of your deal-breakers? (A woman settles when she doesn’t honor her deal-breakers, thinking a man will change…he doesn’t!)
  • Is he anything like the last man you dated?

Part of the reason you might be failing at finding Mr. Right is most of us get into a pattern of attracting the same man over and over again without even realizing it.

At first, he seems so amazing until the same issues you had in your last couple of relationships come back up again to haunt you. It wasn’t until I created a patterns chart in my Quality Man Template that I was able to clearly see how and why I was doing this.

Take a few minutes to think about whether you’ve been dating the same wrong men over and over again. It’s really important because the type of men you’re most attracted to are probably the worst men for you. Why? Because if your  type worked, you’d be with your type right now. If you can expand beyond your usual type you’ll have far more quality men to choose from.

There is a guy out there who is right for you. Just make sure you have a clear vision of who the right man is for you so you can see him.

Met a great guy who has everything I’ve always wanted!

Thank you so much, Lisa. I kept thinking of the Quality Man Template you had us make and he has every quality! You have been such an inspiration to me and I thank you for all you’re doing for us single gals. Lesley, New Jersey

I’d have passed my guy up.

Thank God I became a member of Lisa’s Love after 50 Coaching Group because I needed help. Using what Lisa taught me about finding love at this time in my life, I ended up meeting my guy. In the past, I would have passed him up if I hadn’t had my Quality Man Template. I also learned so much about men and understanding who they are that has helped me be in a successful relationship. Lisa, you are just a wonderful coach. You unlocked the key for me about men that got me the amazing man I am now sharing my life with. Maryanne, Connecticut


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