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Avoid the 3 Main Causes of Overwhelm in Your Business

written by Dina Marais December 18, 2020
3 Main Causes of Overwhelm in Your Business

There are 3 main causes of overwhelm in your business and fortunately, it is easy to avoid them altogether.

What Creates Overwhelm in Your Business?

Confusion about the chaos of too many things to do or create and not knowing where to start.  Chaos in your mind creates chaos in your business and life. It’s crazy how it spills over into not knowing where you left the car keys for example.

Can you relate?

It’s like these thoughts and ideas are mulling around, desperately looking for order.

So, how do you get to the state of order and calm? Just thinking about it makes you feel calm already. I know, right?

Well, let me tell you, not so long ago, I was also struggling with overwhelm, and I decided to do something about it. It is not just setting goals…I tried that, too. I created a long list of goals, and it did not solve the overwhelm for me because my ideas still flooded my mind, and I still did not know where I was.

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