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What is the Real Meaning of Job Security?

written by Patrick Ow December 1, 2020
Businessman finding meaning of job security

The real meaning of job security is for us to keep working in our jobs until we choose to retire or call it quits on our own terms. We have the freedom to remain in employment while being employable, job-ready, and future-ready. To do this, we must anticipate and plan for the future of work; we must future-proof ourselves. This prepares us for the potential negative impacts of automation, demographic changes, and income equality.

To keep working on our own terms (rather than being dictated by our employers), we must secure our jobs now.

That’s why it is called “job security.”

Job security is a state where you know that your job with an employer is secure and that you can remain in gainful employment in the future, unlikely to be dismissed or made redundant.

To secure something requires action. It requires work on our part. We really cannot hope and pray that things will be secured without any work.

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