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Edit Your Expectations for Meeting More Quality Men after 50

written by Lisa Copeland April 22, 2021
Meeting More Quality Men after 50

Want to meet more quality men after 50? Lisa Copeland says to edit your expectations.

Recently, I was working with a client who happened to live in my area. As we were scrolling through pictures of men, I noticed a familiar face.

This man had contacted me over ten years ago using the same picture.

I recall giving him the nickname, “KFC Man.”

To this day, I remember exactly where I was and why I gave him this nickname.


We were talking on the phone while I was walking my dog in the park.

It was fall, and the leaves on the trees were gorgeous shades of gold, orange, and red.

I remember the smell of the earth and the crispness in the air.

And I remember “KFC Man” jabbering away about how he didn’t care what a woman looked like as long as her body was fit and toned.

And I’m listening to this thinking, “Is this guy for real? Does he think this alone will make him happy?”

I was mad that someone could be this narrow-minded. So when he asked about my body type, I told him my aide wheeled me up to the ‘KFC’ counter every day for my daily dose of fried chicken.

None of this was true, but I could tell my words shocked him. For a full minute, he went silent until I finally said, “Just kidding.”

Ten years later, there he was….back online, probably because no one could meet his stringent expectations of what would make him happy.

By the way, I know how frustrating it can be to go back on a dating site after a relationship has ended and see the same men with the same profile and pictures that you saw posted years ago.

It makes you start thinking there are no good guys even out there to even date.

Here’s a little secret you may not know…there are a lot of really good guys on every dating sit,e but chances are, you can’t see them.

That’s because, like the ‘KFC man,’ you probably have a type of man you think will make you happy.

And like most women I speak with, chances are, your type isn’t interested in you online.

But the guys who aren’t your type write to you like it is their job, right?

Well, here’s something I want you to think about . . .

If your type had worked in the past, wouldn’t you be with him now?

You’re attracted to your type because he feels good to you, as he should because chances are you’ve lived with this type of man your whole life.

He may show up with a different job or different clothes, but let’s be honest here, basically, you’ve probably been dating the same type of man over and over again with the same disastrous results.

How Do You Get Out of This Pattern?

You do what I call ‘Out of the Box’ Dating.

You try dating different types of men.

At first, this will take you way out of your comfort zone. You’ll want to start slowly by changing only one of the qualities you usually look for in a man. Maybe someone who has a different type of job, lives a bit further from you, or is a little bit older or younger than your usual type.

By doing this, you open up the doors to good men who could be a better fit for you and who wants to truly make you happy in a long-term relationship.

Also, check out new dating sites as well so you don’t see the same men you saw five years ago. You can look at some of my favorite dating sites by clicking here.

Give it a try and let me know by posting your comment below. What do you think of this new way to date?

A Letter from a Client

One last thing…I am so excited to share an email I got this week from one of my Love after 50 Group clients.

Hi Lisa . . . I have met a wonderful man, and we are madly in love with one another! We’ve been exclusive for about nine months now and going strong.  I used the information from your group to help me evaluate whether this relationship was a good fit for me.  The funny thing is that on our first date I wasn’t really that interested in him, but I remembered what you said about giving it a chance and to have an open mind.  

Boy, am I glad I did because, as it turns out, he is the perfect man for me, and we are very compatible on a love, friendship, and physical level.  I am amazed at how I was able to attract a man who fit my description/desires from my online profile to a tee!  

I have to say that my life was pretty good before, but it’s even better now with a loving partner to share every day with.  Thanks again for your wonderful training and insights.  Please feel free to share my story as I’m sure it will be inspiring to my sisters seeking their perfect mates. –Pat, California

Is this something you’d like to experience in your life? Love with a good man?

Well, you can. Women in my Love after 50 Group have found love even in these crazy times using the over 50’s dating strategies and mindset I share with them. If you’re tired of struggling with dating and are ready to change your love life, then let’s set up a time to talk and see how we can make this happen for you.

To get started, just click here and tell me a little bit about what’s been happening in your love life.

If I think I can help you, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to set up a complimentary time for us to talk.

I look forward to talking soon. Get ready…’cause your love life is about to change!


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