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When our Children “Come Out”

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell November 13, 2018
Our Gay Children Coming Out

Last week, Barry and I found ourselves at 10 pm sitting at a special reserved table at The Stud, the first gay bar in San Francisco.

First of all, there are a few things you should know about us. We are quiet country people who like to go to bed early. We never drive the ninety minutes to San Francisco unless it is to go to the airport for work travel. For the most part, we do not drink alcohol or listen to loud music. Our idea of a good time is rafting a wilderness river and camping all by ourselves in a beautiful spot along the river with our two golden retriever dogs.

We were double the age of everyone else at the bar. Placed lovingly on the table in front of the stage said, Reserved for Johnny’s Parents.

Our son is gay.

He and his partner Isaiah were going to give their first solo two-hour performance. Our son describes himself as a professional circus performer. He also sings and dances and makes all of the costumes for the performances. He is very talented, but a few of his acts would make any parent blush. And yet we sat and we loved and supported him, for he is doing what he loves in this life.

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