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Acknowledging the “Boy” in Your Gay Boyfriend

written by Adam Blum September 24, 2020
Acknowledging the

You are dating a five-year-old. Yes, that man across the dinner table from you–the one with beard stubble and crow’s–feet is actually a five-year-old boy.

So are you.

All of us retain our experiences as children throughout our lives. And when we are fighting with our boyfriends, there’s a good chance that our inner five-year-old vulnerabilities have been triggered.

Here’s an example. “Max” gets furious when his boyfriend “Bill” yells a request from the downstairs office. Many people don’t like yelling in the house but for Max there is an extra layer of trigger here. Max’s father, who could summon a scary rage, would frequently shout angry demands at him from his basement workshop.

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