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Sex Addiction

written by Dr. Brand Doubell June 18, 2021
Sex Addiction
Is there such a thing as sex addiction?

A while ago I searched for the symptoms of sex addiction. As I read through them, I wondered whether or not it actually existed. One of the symptoms the author mentions is that your sexual appetite is getting in the way of your relationship. I had to smile because, in sexology, I have learned that sex is one of the two biggest reasons why lovers split up.

If relationship problems are one of the symptoms of sex addiction, it means that one partner in 7 out of 10 relationships is addicted to sex. That gives you 35% of all people. Now, any abnormality that can be diagnosed in 35% of all people isn’t an abnormality at all. If you guess that it is mostly the man in the relationship, it brings you to 70% of all men. That would mean it is absolutely normal for men. The fact is that sex plays a large role in most problematic relationships. It is just one of those things; if people have troubles in their relationships, the origin is always some kind of addiction. For some, alcohol addiction is the root of the problem; for others it is money, spending, work, drugs, sex, or a combination of two or more – but that is another topic. I still want to know what sex addiction is and whether there is such a thing.

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