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Secrets to Ditching the Gay Inner Critic

written by Adam Blum June 7, 2019
Secrets to Ditching the Gay Inner Critic

A quick way to improve one’s well-being is to practice disengaging from one’s Inner Critic. Here are the secrets to ditching the gay inner critic.

What is the Purpose of the Inner Critic?

While the Inner Critic is universally destructive and squeezes joy from many lives, its intention is to be a helpful force. It is there to protect. It shames you in an attempt to shield you from experiencing humiliation from external sources. Unfortunately, while trying to help, it becomes abusive.

The Critic believes the best path to receiving love and support is to follow a rigid and limiting set of rules. Those rules, which may have been somewhat helpful when you were a child, are no longer useful to you as an adult.

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