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The Future of Work Post-COVID-19 will be Bleak for Many: Here’s Why

Part One: The Problems

written by Patrick Ow June 3, 2020
The Future of Work Post-COVID-19 will be Bleak for Many: Here's Why

Patrick Ow, shares what the future of work will look like in a post-COVID-19 world. In Part One, he explores the problems; Part Two offers the solutions. 

Financial Hardship and COVID-19

People are experiencing actual or anticipated financial hardship during COVID-19 — people are losing their jobs, work dries up, retirement and other investments lose a large proportion of their value, or people are concerned about being made redundant.

With so many people out of jobs or work during this crisis around the world, many are now thinking about alternative ways to gain an income after they have registered for unemployment benefits in their own countries if they qualify. Some are even looking at starting online businesses or freelancing to earn some money.

If you’ve already lost your job, here are some things you can do now:
  • Talk to family and friends so that you can vent and let go of these emotions. Allocate some days to vent and then move on. It is not your fault. Don’t beat yourself up for not having a job right now.
  • Pursue your hobbies. Doing what you love is one of many ways to relax.
  • Exercise daily so that you can release your emotions such as guilt, anger, and disappointment.
  • Sleep and eat; it will keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Keep yourself entertained.
  • Perform a job that is different from what you usually do  — e.g., become an Uber driver or volunteer your time in the local community center.
  • Upskill yourself with online training or with organisations offering free training.
  • Maybe it is a good time to self-assess, pivot to another industry or career by looking at other opportunities — something you have always wanted to do.
  • Talk through your options with professionals who are not your family and friends to gain an outside or independent perspective.

If you do not have a job, turn to the following industries or sectors that may be hiring:

  • Shipping and delivery/transportation companies
  • Online learning companies
  • Grocery, food and convenience stores
  • Shipping, delivery and warehousing services
  • Telecommunications and remote meeting companies
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