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The Ultimate Guide to Make Money from Your Hobbies

Part One

written by Patrick Ow October 31, 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Make Money from Your Hobbies

The option to make money from hobbies can be very appealing to many people. Low wage growth, corporate restructuring, and changing nature of work are some reasons why people are constantly seeking alternative sources of income. It’s just natural that we could be thinking about converting our passionate hobbies into money-making machines that may enable us to quit our jobs in the future. This hobby business could even future proof ourselves from possible layoffs.

Why not do something you are passionate about for the rest of your life?

To bring this dream to life, we need commitment, strategy, and planning for making money from our hobbies.

The hope and pray strategy will not work. There’s a lot of work that goes into monetizing your hobby.

This ultimate guide seeks to provide practical steps and actionable information about how to monetize your hobby in a safe and sustainable way. It can be another source of income that could sustain you in the future if you choose to rely on it.

The Difference – A Hobby versus a Business

First off, let us define what a hobby is and its differences when compared with a business.

A hobby is an activity that is done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. You are doing the hobby for yourself only. There’s no money involved. It’s purely recreational.

When we play the piano, there’s personal enjoyment. It helps us unwind from a hard day’s work. No one is going to criticize the music quality and quantity.

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