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Spice up Your Marriage and Improve Your Sex Life

written by Laura Dabney, M.D. October 15, 2020
Spice up Your Marriage and Improve Your Sex Life

Is your sex life dull? Spice up your marriage! A lot of people complain about their sex life being flat, but when you look at their marriage, it is also boring.

If you have a boring relationship, there is a big chance it’s affecting your sex life.

The good news is, I have suggestions on how to spice up your marriage which in return will help spice up sex.

Play More

So many people are so successful and doing a million things, but they’re just checking boxes, or going from one meeting or expectation to another. This is all work and no play.

It’s important to build in playtime in your marriage. Playing can be light teasing, flirting, or joking. Playing helps you get into a rhythm of letting your guard down and opening up more, in a fun way.

It’s okay to schedule playtime. It can be something you’ve never done before like playing on the trampoline together.

Explore New Interests Together

When you were dating you did this automatically. Somehow, when people get into a long-term relationship they stop exploring together.

Take an interest together. Such as learning a new language or a new sport. When you take an interest together, it’s a turn on and builds excitement. Which in return helps spice up your marriage and definitely helps build a better sex life.

Taking an interest together goes hand in hand with taking an interest in your partner. For example, if you don’t explore something new together, explore something that your partner enjoys.

The more you do apart, the more you’re being pulled apart. Doing more apart does not support a strong sex life.

Get Out of the Rut

A lot of relationships can get into a rut. This can be a really busy rut of going and going or a very mundane rut.

The busy people tend to think this is exciting, but it’s not, it’s just checking boxes. This is work, not fun.

On the other hand, being stuck in a mundane rut of going to work, going home, and repeat, where’s your fun? Where is your social life and activities? If you think you don’t have time, it’s because you have to make time for these things.

It’s like dating. You have to make the date, find the place, go on the date, and take an interest in the person.

It’s important to build this in. For every uptime, have a downtime. If you have a busy weekend, take time with your significant other to lay low together, and say no to a few things, and the same for every downtime, have an uptime. You have to make the time.


Watch a video on this topic here.

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Dr. Laura Dabney

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