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Let’s Talk About Sexual Frustration

written by Melanie Curtin September 18, 2019
Let's Talk About Sexual Frustration

So there’s this thing that happens when spring hits: Lots of people want to have sex. This is standard. It’s natural. As the sun starts to get brighter, the days longer, and spaghetti straps reappear, people get, well … randy. The fact is, with all the societal and cultural weirdness – oops, I mean “norms” – around sex, it’s easy to forget that we are biologically impelled to mate. It’s the only way the species gets propagated.

Nature wants us to fuck, which means we want to fuck. It’s normal. The problem? A lot of us don’t have the opportunity to (or believe we don’t). There are a variety of reasons for this.

Lack of Sex

Some people are in sexless marriages. They don’t have access to sex (or believe they don’t) and must determine how to handle this. Bring it up only to get shot down again? Cheat? Try to get their partner to go to a couples counselor or sex therapist? (Will it really make a difference? Can we afford it? Do we prioritize that over other things we need right now as a family?)

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