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How to Find Success by Focusing on the Goal

Don't Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

written by Patrick Ow March 2, 2021
How to Find Success by Focusing on the Goal

RD&T contributing author, Patrick Ow, shares how to find success by focusing on the goal.

Golfers must look at the ball but maintain their attention to where they are sending their golf balls. Without systematic training in this key skill, for this moment of action, golfers may unwittingly switch their focus of attention to the ball, club, body, swing, or potential hazards rather than their ball’s destination.

When this switch occurs, your target is nowhere to be seen. You are not visualising your shot before you step in and play it if you think about something else while executing it.

Success is NOT predicted solely by your technical skills but by your ability to focus.

The ability to separate what you are looking at from what you are thinking about is an essential skill for playing golf (and any other game or activity). What you focus on before hitting a golf ball is a huge factor in how well you will succeed.

Visualisation is one of those things that doesn’t require any physical or specialised skills to learn. It’s one of the most powerful tools you must have.

The world’s best athletes use the practice of visualising a great performance before the action for a very good reason – it works!

So, what great achievement and outcome are you visualising for yourself now to succeed in the future?

The Science of Visualisation

Movement is initiated by the brain. When you want to perform a physical action, the best way to succeed is to first feed your brain with a successful picture or outcome of that action you intend to take.

Visualise the desired outcome of your actions.

Your subconscious mind – which controls your movement – doesn’t know the difference between a real and imagined action.

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