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I Called Myself Out!

written by Dominique Mas January 27, 2021
I Called Myself Out!

I like to think that self-awareness is a necessary element to finding inner harmony, a value dear to my heart. As we become more self-aware, more attuned to the signals our body sends us every day, it becomes easier to take a step back, see situations with perspective and consider the bigger picture. It allows us to react in a calmer way and to view ourselves and others with more compassion. This, in turn, allows us to think bigger, more creatively, and to be open to more opportunities.

As you read this, I wonder how many of you are thinking “Easier said than done.” I hear you, I am one of you, and below is a story to show just how much we can close ourselves to opportunities without even realizing it!

December 2017 – Inner harmony

(“Pogi” means “handsome” in Tagalog and is the name I use for my boyfriend.)

Pogi: I think I’m ready to leave NYC.

Me: Oh, can I come with you? Hehe!

Pogi: Of course! But I have no idea where to go…

Dear reader, I hear your wheels turning! “Oh to have the freedom to go anywhere, start afresh and be anyone…” It’s enticing, exhilarating, scary and compelling – all at the same time!

After this conversation, Pogi and I started talking, brainstorming and exploring. We asked ourselves what we would want out of this possible move. The priorities? The beach… and surf! Next, we needed to have excellent internet access, as we both need it for work. Anything else? Not really!

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