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Coming Out to Your Spouse – My Worst Gay Moment

written by Dr. Brand Doubell January 29, 2021
Coming Out to Your Spouse - My Worst Gay Moment

This might be the most difficult deed you will ever have to do in your life. I know it was definitely my worst gay moment. Maybe I should rather say that the few weeks before I took this step was the worst gay moment of my life. Like every other difficult decision in life, the fear before you decide is worse than the actual decision. I think it might have been easier if I did not love my wife, but in my case I loved her with all my heart – I still do.

So how do you explain that you love someone and yet you cannot stay married to him or her? It is impossible to give a singular answer to this question because it would be different in each and every specific case. In the first place, we all have different personalities; therefore, no two relationships are ever the same. For that reason, I will only be able to discuss a few generalities regarding your potentially worst gay moment.

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