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Are You Getting on Each Other’s Nerves During The Pandemic?

Getting Through the Coronavirus Crisis Together

written by John Amodeo, PhD, MFT December 3, 2020
Are You Getting on Each Other's Nerves

If you are living with your partner during the coronavirus crisis, you might find yourself with more time together than usual. Being out of work, having your normal routine disrupted, or being fearful of getting ill, you might be more prone to stress and irritability. Sadly, reports of domestic violence have been increasing during the current pandemic. Partners are getting on each others nerves.

You may be wondering “How can my partner and I get through this without driving each other crazy? How can we survive the ‘new normal’ without getting on each other’s nerves? Can we actually thrive during this difficult time?”

If you’re in a partnership where there’s been distance and conflict, this may be an especially difficult time. But even couples who are happy may find it challenging to be cooped up in the same space.

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