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When Did Men Become Neutered in Relationships?

written by Tal Araim October 1, 2020
When Did Men Become Neutered in Relationships?

I’m well aware that these days, being seen to care is far more important than actually caring. Therefore, tackling any subject that on the face of it screams “this is so politically incorrect” can be viewed as ill-advised or even suicidal as a career move. However, the irony is that if we are going to solve anything, whether it’s sexism, racism, religious prejudice, cultural intolerance, animal cruelty, poverty or any form of injustice, the only way to truly breakdown walls and educate all is to talk more. And talk honestly to allow all points of views to be heard, especially those that may rub us the wrong way. This is why I want to talk about “Neutered Men,” and I don’t care if this offends anyone; in fact, I really hope it does and that you tell me about it.

If there is any lesson to learn from our recent history, it’s the lesson the world learned in the first half of the last century. After World War I, the rest of the world decided to burden all German citizens with guilt, shame, and financial disadvantages and asked those citizens to accept this silently and pretend they are happy to bear the cost of the previous generation’s mistakes for as long as it takes; needless to say, this policy backfired catastrophically.

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