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Writing a Book and Overcoming the Inner Cruiser

written by Dominique Mas November 2, 2020
Writing a Book and Overcoming the Inner Cruiser

The following sentences are from the first chapter of the book I am working on, and they were the hardest ones to write, especially when overcoming the inner cruiser:

There is a sense of responsibility that comes with high levels of achievement, compromise even. [To become a principal], I would have had to make the decision to devote time, energy and resources to this path and stay with it. The harsh truth is that I, Dominique Mas, was not ready to give up my freedom.

In my work with a lot of high-performers, I encounter self-disappointment regularly because of what I call the “it’s-good-enough” syndrome. This usually happens when a person is used to achieving a good level of success very fast. They will pick up new skills or knowledge quickly and feel content that they can do whatever the task or activity is to a satisfactory level. Because of this, they often gain the admiration of those around them fast and thrive on it! The truth is though, inside, they do not feel that they are performing at the level others seem to attribute to them. When they come to me, they are ready to admit, as one of my clients did, that: “I have difficulties bringing things from good to great.”

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