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False Alarms: 7 Reasons Why They Occur

written by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD September 9, 2020
False Alarms: 7 Reasons Why They Occur

Anxiety is natural. Calm is learned. Fear helped our ancestors survive in a dangerous world, so we’ve inherited a brain good at fear. It releases threat chemicals even when you’re actually safe. Here are seven reasons why our threat chemicals have false alarms. When you understand your brain, you can shift it in a happier direction.

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#1. Anxiety is one of our earliest experiences.

Cortisol is a chemical released when you see a survival threat. You were born with survival-threat feelings because you were hungry and cold and had no way to meet your needs. Cortisol made you cry and that brought the help you needed to survive. In time, you learned to meet your own survival needs but when you think you can’t do that, your cortisol surges.

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