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Increase the Joy in Your Mind

Part Two

written by Rick Hanson March 3, 2021
Increase the Joy in Your Mind
RD&T contributing author, Rick Hanson, gives ways to increase the positive and help your mind to feel joy.

6. You can help emphasize and store positive experiences through conscious attention.

As you know from school – and corroborated by hundreds of studies – you remember something best when you make it as vivid as possible and then give it heightened attention over an extended period.

That’s exactly how to register positive experiences in your implicit memory. Which will slowly but surely change the interior landscape of your mind.

Three simple steps:

Help positive events become positive experiences.

You can do this by:

    1. Paying attention to the good things in your world, and inside yourself. So often, good events roll by our eyes without us noticing them. You could set a goal each day to actively look for beauty in your world, or signs of caring for you by others, or good qualities within yourself, etc.
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