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Awareness and Open Space Mindfulness

Part Four- Mindful Presence

written by Rick Hanson July 27, 2020
Awareness and Open Space Mindfulness

The following exercise helps build the everyday skill of being aware of awareness itself. Give open space mindfulness a try for yourself.

This is the fourth and final post in the series on developing mindful presence. In Part Three, we did a little mindfulness meditation to “tune-up” our mindfulness and concentration skills. Now, we are going to distill that mindfulness meditation down to its very essence: abiding as awareness primarily, with little involvement with or even sense of the contents of awareness, almost indifferent to them.

The focus is on the open space of awareness itself – which is the name often used in Tibetan Buddhism for this sort of meditation.

By the way, profound forms of this meditation go very very far, and are sometimes associated with the viewpoint that the primordial essence of awareness is “Buddhanature,” “stainless and pure and unconditioned,” and perhaps even mysteriously Transcendental.

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