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Simple Steps to Begin a Mindfulness Practice

written by Ms. Marisha Dixon August 25, 2018
Steps to Begin a Mindfulness Practice

So what’s all the hype about mindfulness? What is it exactly? I like to keep things simple, so my definition of mindfulness is simply what it sounds like: it’s a mindset practice… it’s learning to be aware of your mind, what your mind regularly observes, and how your mind tends to interpret what it’s witnessing. To build your mindfulness muscle, like any other skill, you’ve got to repeat the process regularly… that’s also how you truly experience its array of benefits.

Mindfulness is not so much about your location or your surroundings, or about being alone or in a crowd. But it can be helpful to prepare your environment and monitor your connections if this is something that will be new to you.

Mindfulness can be cultivated in a variety of simple steps that anyone can use daily to make a difference in one’s life. Here’s a list for you to familiarize yourself with if you are interested in living a more mindful lifestyle:

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