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Abundance Mindset

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano July 9, 2018
Abundance Mindset

Abundant finances, health, and relationships are a mindset, which is 180 degrees from the mindset of the world. Society tries to convince us that there is not enough to go around. We live in a state of competition and scarcity, and this has become most people’s reality.  We compete for everything – money, love, resources and material possessions. The new religion (cosmology) for the 21st century is consumerism. We subjugate our entire lives at the altar of material possessions and are convinced we need things to be happy. Material possessions do not create happiness or abundance. Abundance is achieved instantaneously on a mental-emotional level, with the proper mindset – one that does not give into scarcity.

Economics is the most striking example of a scarcity mindset. Our monetary system is rooted in the false premise that resources are scarce. In this system, whoever controls these resources also controls the wealth. Take for example the gasoline crisis in the early 70s. America experienced its first fuel shortage. Motorists panicked while waiting in gas lines, as prices rose to an incredible 50 cents a gallon. The American way of life was under assault. No more cheap gas, big cars or fast highways. This scarcity was an illusion. In 1972, the supply of gas doubled when the fuel injector replaced the carburetor. Innovation was the answer to this crisis and will always be our most valuable and unlimited resource. With innovation, you focus on abundance rather than what is lacking.

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