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Speak Your Love

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell August 18, 2020
Speak Your Love

Joyce and I recently put out a link to a YouTube video of our son, John-Nuriel, singing Ben Platt’s beautiful song, “In Case You Don’t Live Forever.” He sings it with so much heart and soul. Here it is, but be prepared; it will likely move you to take some very important risks in your life. We highly recommend you watch the video before reading this article.

Speak Your Love

The song addresses a vital issue in every relationship: Why do we hold back from telling our loved ones that we love them? Why do we procrastinate, waiting for the “right” time…later…when it may be too late?

But life goes by in a heartbeat, and, before we know it, the ones we love are gone, and we may be left with the regret that we never spoke our deepest truth.

Sure, we may have demonstrated our love in our actions. We may have given beautiful gifts, done meaningful acts of service, or made lots of time for this person. I always think of Joyce’s dad, who built shelves in every place in our house that needed them. It was his way of saying, “I love you.” And yet Joyce sometimes longed for the actual words.

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