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Sympathetic Joy and Partnerships

Part Two: Enthusiastic Acknowledgement of Others' Success

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom May 15, 2020
Sympathetic Joy and Partnerships

In Part Two of this two-part series, RD&T’s contributing writer, Linda Bloom, shares how practicing sympathetic joy in a partnership creates a deeper bond — that by celebrating each other’s accomplishments, couples are more likely to stick together. 

Celebrating Accomplishments

Great relationships are characterized by sympathetic joy. The definition of sympathetic joy includes sharing positive feelings with another, looking upon them with favor and harmony, and with respect to the successes of that person. But when romantic partners fail to make a big deal out of each other’s successes, the couple is more likely to break up than to stay in a less successful relationship.

When partners celebrate each other’s accomplishments, they are more likely to be satisfied, committed, enjoying greater love and happiness.

Who is the happiest of man? He who values the merits of others and in their pleasure takes joy, even though it was his own. — Goethe

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