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The Right Type of Man for You in over 50’s Dating

written by Lisa Copeland February 16, 2021
Right Type of Man for You in over 50's Dating

Sometimes it feels like there’s no one out there to date.  Know what I mean? Of course, you do.  Every woman feels this way at one time or another. But there really are good men out there. Just sometimes you can’t see them. I want to share a guide that tips you off to the type of man who is right for you.

Finding Your Type

1. The Bad Boy – Right Type of Man

He’s a favorite because he’s gorgeous, charming, and knows how to make you feel amazing.

But he’s also a major player who will break your heart.

Fun to play with, but not good for long-term relationships.

2. The Needy Man – Right Type of Man

While you’re in the emailing process, he’s already thinking of you as his girlfriend – calling you honey or my girl.

He wants to talk on the phone or texts often – needing your constant attention.

If you love a good project, he’s perfect for you.

3. The Motorcycle Dude – Right Type of Man

Lots of good men ride motorcycles, like doctors, lawyers, and well-paid businessmen.

Don’t knock him out just for having this midlife hobby.

As long as he doesn’t expect you to ride (unless you want to), he’s got potential.

4. Beware of the Ring on His Finger – Right Type of Man

This man rarely posts a picture.

He doesn’t want his wife’s single friends telling her that he’s on a dating site.

You can really get hurt by this guy because no matter what he says about his marriage, he isn’t leaving his wife or he would have already.

5. The Long Distance Romantic – Right Type of Man

If you love fantasy, this is the perfect romantic relationship.

You spend hours on the phone sharing your deepest secrets.

The problem is…the phone chemistry doesn’t always match up when you meet.

Yet, I have seen this type of relationship work if you live within a two-hour drive of each other.

It’s a great match if you like weekend-only relationships.

6. What He Really Needs Is A Shrink Not a Date – Right Type of Man

He’s looking for a therapist, and you’re it.

Steer clear.

Unless you’re being paid money by the hour to listen to his woes, you’re better off finding a man who’s emotionally healthier.

7. The Take Out Order Man – Right Type of Man

Some of the funniest profiles are written by men who think Online Dating is like going through the Wendy’s drive-through window.

They’re looking for specific qualities in women like body type, hair color, or a precise type of job.

In the long run, you’ll be a lot happier with a man who thinks you’re great exactly how you are!

8. The Scammer – Right Type of Man

This is a scary group because they can scam you out of thousands of dollars by quickly capturing your heart.

These men have amazing pictures, and they know you will feel blessed that such a handsome guy chose you.

If a guy continually makes excuses for not being able to meet you, chances are he’s a scammer.

Let him go!

9. Younger Men Looking for Cougars – Right Type of Man

Shocking at times, but yes, there are younger men out there who are into older women.

It’s a great boost for the ego.

Go for it if you want.

Just beware of men who are looking for a Sugar Mama to support them!

10. The Older Man

These are ‘Old School Gentlemen’ who will treat you like a lady.

They can be a lot of fun.

Worth giving this one a chance.

11. The “Quality Man” – Right Type of Man

He may not be the most handsome man online, but he is the nicest, and he will do anything for you.

He’s the man who’s interested in what you’re doing and wants to make you happy.

“Quality Men” who want nothing more than an opportunity to love you can be found online and in the real world.

Have fun with this one!

He’s worth giving a chance because he has the potential of bringing you a lifetime of happiness and joy.


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