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Fear is Natural, but You Can Free Yourself from It

written by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD February 17, 2021
Fear is Natural, but You Can Free Yourself from It

You can redirect your natural fear impulse if you understand it. Fear is natural. Most people end up fearful, so if you follow others, fear will fill your life. You can free yourself from fear by trusting your own judgment instead of following others. This is hard for so many reasons.

Fear is Natural

1. We mirror others with our mirror neurons.

We reproduce the emotions of those around us because we’re equipped with mirror neurons. Animals run when their herd mates run, and they get eaten if they don’t. Natural selection built a brain that is good at panicking when others panic. You don’t think this in words, so it’s hard to see that you’re doing it. Your verbal brain comes up with rational explanations for your herd-following because it doesn’t notice your mirroring impulse. You are powerless over this impulse if you can’t see it. If you make a habit of noticing it, you find your power to redirect it.

2. We bond when we feel threatened.
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