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Finding the Reasons for a Sexless Marriage

written by Laura Dabney, M.D. November 17, 2020
Sexless Marriage

If you are hurting from a sexless marriage, it’s important to find the cause. What is the hidden drain on your sex life? A lot of people come to me complaining about their sex life being flat, but they are surprised by the reasons.

Four Reasons for a Lack of Physical Intimacy in Marriage


There are a lot of people who feel their bodies aren’t perfect. This prevents them from undressing in front of their significant other. Or, they don’t want the light on during sex. Or, maybe they want to get it over quickly.

This is not helping your relationship! What this behavior does is tell your partner you’re never going to share yourself with him or her until you are perfect. What your partner takes from that is no one is perfect, so it’s going to be never. This is a bad message to send. Sending this message is a major turn off, and it’s an obstacle that leaves your partner sexless and out in the cold.

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