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Minimize Your Regret and Focus on Moving On

written by Martha Bodyfelt February 9, 2021
Minimize Your Regret and Focus on Moving On

Does this BS ever happen to you? There you are, going along with your day, minding your own business, and it hits you. The whiny, super-annoying feeling that tells you that no matter what you did during your marriage, it just wasn’t good enough and you should have done better. That emotion is called regret. And it’s annoying as hell. Today, we’re going to dive into this emotion, its dangers to your ability to move on with the rest of your awesome life, as well as…you guessed it…doing a quick exercise that will show you how to minimize your regret and instead focus on something productive—moving the hell on.

Regret Sucks when Moving On

It forces you to stay in the past. Moving on from your divorce hurt requires you to move forward. It requires you to take a long hard look at yourself, the current obstacles you face, and what you can do to overcome them and get to where you want to be in life.

Focusing on that stuff is pretty damn inspiring. It puts the control back in your hands and propels you to keep going, learning to be grateful for what you have right now, in addition to looking forward to the future with excitement and confidence.

But regrets when moving on don’t let you do those amazing things. Regret is like that nasty gum on your shoe, or when somebody spills something sticky on linoleum and you unknowingly stand in it, and when you try to walk away, you find your shoe is stuck.  That nasty stickiness is the thoughts you deal with. The ones that say…

“Oh, I wish I would have known how my spouse was feeling before it was too late…”

“If only I could have convinced my ex to go to counseling…”

“I should have known what was going on behind my back…”

Those thoughts are regrets, and do you notice something about them? Look long and hard at those statements, or about similar thoughts you have on a daily basis.

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