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The Importance of Father-Daughter Relationships

written by Dr. Eva Bell November 17, 2020
The Importance of Father-Daughter Relationships

In today’s busy world, Fathers find very little time to get involved in the nurture and development of their children. In her book Back to the Family, clinical psychologist, Dr. Ray Guarendi says:

Fathers bring a unique presence, a special strength to raising children.


How true this is in the bringing up of daughters! Just as there is a special bond between mothers and sons, the relationship between fathers and daughters is unique. Fathers, therefore, cannot afford to remain remote characters in the lives of their daughters. Parenting is a joint venture, with fathers just as active participants as mothers.

There are various reasons why paternal involvement becomes limited.

1. Ambitious and over-worked Dads: They put their jobs before the welfare of their families. They come home too tired to spend quality time with their children. Often, the children are asleep when they return and leave for school before Dads are awake.

2. Absentee Dads: Those with traveling jobs like airline pilots, sales representatives, businessmen or long- distance truck drivers may be away from home frequently, sometimes for long stretches.

3. Divorced Dads: They may have limited visiting rights and cannot spend sufficient time with their children.

4. False notions: A false notion that girls are to be brought up exclusively by mothers or women can make men distance themselves from their daughters. They feel awkward showing affection, and they miss out on the little intimacies they could share with their daughters.

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