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This is your first step to ultimate success. Embark on your journey to improving the four main aspects of your life: health, fitness, financial freedom, and relationships. Relationship Development & Transformation (RD&T) is much more than just another online personal development site. We are your guide to complete transformation. At RD&T we are devoted to educating, empowering, and guiding you through your personal journey to ultimate success in all aspects of your life.




Stage I Awareness
First determine your relationship life cycle stage

Determine what stage of your relationship life cycle needs enhancement with RD&T’s insightful online magazine. RD&T’s articles have been specifically categorized to address your unique circumstances. RD&T is the premier and only online publication covering relationships, and how they apply to all aspects of your life: The relationship with money, your life partner, your children and family, your coworkers, with health, fitness & nutrition, your relationship with God/Life and society, and “The Ultimate Relationship,” loving yourself.

Ultimate Relationship

  • Personal Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Business & Leadership

Financial Freedom

  • Income Acceleration
  • Exchange & Abundance
  • Leverage
  • Economic Order
  • Claiming Your Financial Freedom

Finding Your Life Partner

  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Why You Haven’t Found Your Life Partner
  • Love Is a Science
  • Finding Love
  • Dating
  • The Power of Giving & Receiving
  • Law of Attraction

Life Partner Relationship

  • Having a Healthy Relationship
  • Sustainable Relationship
  • How Your Relationship Brain Works
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Conflict Management: What Love is Not
  • Love, Sex & Permanent Passion
  • Unconditional Love: Spiritual Relationship

Family & Society

  • Family Dynamics
  • Blended Families
  • Single Parenting
  • Relationships with God, Life & Society

Pride Life

  • Finding your LGBT Life Partner
  • LGBT Life Partner Relationship
  • LGBT Family Dynamics
  • The LGBT Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Out, Healthy & Fit
  • LGBT Lifestyle



Stage II Connect
Meet, listen and learn from the greatest minds
…in the field dedicated to personal development and lifelong relationship success.

Article Library
RD&T provides you with the requisite tools that will allow you to choose what personal development methodology best fits your current circumstances.


Community Forum
Our exclusive, member only social platform connects you to the RD&T community. Discuss a variety of topics, hear success stories, and experience community support.


Connect with RD&T authors, adapt and implement their methodology to begin your journey to complete transformation.




Stage III Process
Maximize your journey to success

…by awakening the perfect creative force within you. The most common pathway to transformation is to be exposed to a new set of distinctions and principles. Follow the success cycle, and quickly get the results you want.

1 Gain New Knowledge
Apply the new insights you’ve learned at RD&T.
2 Take Action
Implement intelligent action, based on your RD&T insights.
3 Get Results
Get new and enhanced results in your life.
4 Evaluate the Results
Gauge if your new results are effectively transforming your life.
5 Gain Insight
Learn from your results, and continually expand your success.
6 Improve
Take new and improved actions to continue your journey to ultimate success.



Stage IV Engage
Predictably create healthy sustainable relationships
…in every aspect of your life.


Recreation Handbook
The Ten Daily Recreations (TDR) will make your day more enjoyable, while predictably improving your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness.
Creative Process Workbook
You will learn the simple steps on how to take a compelling idea and turn it into a physical reality.
The Ultimate Secret Book Series
Once in a generation there is an insight so profound that it instantaneously clarifies our past, present, and future. The Ultimate Secret is that insight. The Ultimate Secret is an awareness so powerful that it will transform how we look at and process the world. We will take a new and alternative look at science and history to expose this powerful new truth.
RD&T TV Network
Stay connected with RD&T’s Video Resource Library – a compilation of engaging, informative, and educational videos.
RD&T Symposium
Experience speakers and thought leaders from around the world, hand-picked for their extraordinary teachings on lifelong relationship success.
LoAX Workshops
This interactive series of workshops & seminars will transform your understanding of life and your place in it. Our technology will be explained as your mind explodes with new possibilities. These insights will transform your past, present, and future instantaneously.



Stage V Transform
Life Transformation Coaching Program
Continue your journey to success with RD&T’s Life Transformation Coaching Program; awaken the creative forces within you and unlock your true potential.


Personal Development & Income Acceleration
Beingness – Be the best version of yourself and start living your vision now.
Health & Fitness Coaching
Rejuvenate – Transform your body and every aspect of your being.
Relationship and Life Partner Coaching
A healthy, loving and romantic relationship, in all of its complexity, is a fundamental component of a happy, fulfilling and successful life. Learn and understand how to bring into play your own inner resources, letting go of expectations, ultimately offering love, attention and nurturance.
Family Life Coaching
There are many dynamics in today’s family. Family Dynamics are the interactions between family members: it’s made up of many different fragments of a larger organism defined by the relationship that individual family members have with each other. In order to attain a cohesive, healthy, balanced loving family unit, there must be a system in place.
Youth Life Coaching
Transitioning from adolescent to a young adult can be a challenging journey. Teens / young adults can easily lose their sense of who they are, their self-worth and the direction they are heading. Learn the skills necessary to overcome your current and future challenges, thrive and transform your life during this transition.
LGBT Life Transformation Coaching
Be the person you are meant to be, have the type of relationship you are meant to have and start living your vision now.
Business Result Coaching
Network Marketing (NM) is “The Relationship Business.” Your ability to attract, nurture and maintain healthy relationships is your critical success factor. Transform your Network Marketing & Sales business by teaching you and your organization the attitudes and skills it needs to achieve exponential growth.



Stage VI Success
Thought Leadership Program

As a successful RD&T community member, you can be eligible to assist new and existing members on their journey to a fuller and greater expression of life in all their relationships: the relationship with life partner, family, food, health, finances and the ultimate relationship, “Loving Themselves.”

The RD&T Thought Leadership Program is the ideal opportunity to share your compelling new story and guide our members through their transformation process as an RD&T Life Transformation Coach, Contributing Author and/or Event Speaker.

  • Unleash your abilities and help members reach their true potential.
  • Master your conscious creative process and transform lives all over the world.
  • Dramatically enhance our members’ lives while evolving and enhancing your life.

Embark on your most exciting and fulfilling journey yet by joining
The RD&T Thought Leadership Program!




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