Recreation Handbook

Sages throughout history have instructed us to “be in the present moment.” They have urged us to “wake up.” These instructions sound accurate and profound, but can be difficult to apply to your life in a practical way. The Ten Daily Recreations (TDR) found in the Recreation Handbook are the immediate, practical, and predictable way to be in the present moment. The TDR will allow you to suck every bit of joy and opportunity out of each moment of your life. Your life is a series of moments strung together over a lifetime. With the TDR you have found the tools to improve your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness in a permanent, predictable, and fun way! The TDR will give you a framework and the tools to enhance every aspect of your life while guiding you through your journey to complete transformation and ultimate success.

Our goal with the Recreation Handbook is to help you be in the present as a habit – to use the present moment as a tool to suck every bit of possibility out of every second of your life. You will turn each moment into an opportunity to learn, grow, and add value.  Each of the recreations will describe unique insights and practical tools, which can be applied to your everyday life immediately. The TDR will make your day more enjoyable, while predictably improving your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness.

Recreations will bring a new sense of purpose to the present moment.  Think of the most thrilling and exciting activities or events in your life:  downhill skiing, race car driving, skydiving, mountain biking, speed boating or meeting that ideal person. These events are exciting because they force you into the present moment. They make you think – because a momentary loss of attention can be life-altering. What if you could bring this same level of focus and excitement to your daily life? You can, and that is why the Recreation Handbook was created.

The ability to focus your thoughts is one of the most useful and necessary skills. There are many activities where you must force yourself into the present moment to be successful. Golf is a great example. The average weekend golfer is lost in thought, thinking about any one of a million different things, instead of his or her next shot. What are your thoughts regarding that upcoming speech, or the job interview that will triple your salary? What will you say to yourself before, during, and after these situations?

The TDRs will give you a framework, and the tools, to enhance every aspect of your life. You will efficiently access the present moment. Great masters covet this ability. Buddha said, “I am awake.” Jesus said, “What man by thinking can add one minute to his life.” The Ten Daily Recreations are a practical and concise way to take charge of your thoughts, and wake up to now in a predictable manner. These recreations/re-creations stand alone as a treatise for conscious awakening and conscious living. These practices are applicable and practical to every aspect of daily life.

To transform your life, I recommend that you read the TDRs every day for a month (20-30 minutes). The ideal times are either when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed at night (timing is less important than actually reading it once a day). Thirty days will help you develop new habits and give you multiple opportunities to employ each recreation.



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