Recreation Handbook

Sages throughout history have instructed us to “be In the present moment.” They have urged us to “wake up.” These instructions sound accurate and profound but can be difficult to apply to your life in a practical way. Meditation, the most commonly cited technique, is an elusive skill that can take years to perfect. The Ten Daily Recreations (TDR) found in the Recreation Handbook are the immediate, practical and predictable way to be in the present moment. They are called recreations for two reasons. The first is that recreation is fun. The second is that the origin of the word comes from the Latin “creare,” or to create. Here, the word recreation means having fun recreating yourself. The TDRs will allow you to suck every bit of joy and opportunity out of each moment of your life. Your life is a series of moments strung together over a lifetime. With the TDR you have found the tools to improve your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness in a permanent, predictable and fun way!

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