Creative Process Workbook

Everyone wants to be happy; it is the great goal of life. What is your source of happiness? Is there something preventing you from being happy now? Happiness comes from creating your life, from identifying a compelling idea and turning it into a physical reality. It is your role in the great story of humanity. How do you want to create and recreate your life? The Creative Process Workbook is the predictable path to doing so. It shows you step-by-step how to take your unique and compelling ideas and turn them into physical reality. With the Creative Process Workbook, you will learn how to focus your attention on a compelling long-term vision while maintaining your present moment awareness.  Your actions will be directed by you in a predictable manner. You will learn how to maintain the tension between your present circumstances and a compelling future. This knowledge, and the application of these skills, will determine the quality of your life. The conscious creative process, as it is laid out here, is the most predictable method available to achieve short and long-term permanent success.

There are three levels to the creative process:

  1. Intra-creative: This is your internal journey. Your relationship with yourself. It is the rich internal world of your thoughts, feelings and actions. You can create and recreate this world to deliver any result you desire in this lifetime.
  2. Co-creative: This is your relationship with life. The co-creative journey is by far the most rewarding. At the end of your life, you will be most gratified by the relationships you have nurtured and developed.
  3. Inter-creative: This is your relationship with the world. What will be your contribution, and how will you create with others? No man is an island, certainly not today. The inter-creative story of humanity has delivered astounding progress. What will be your part in this evolutionary story?

Your journey to predictable success begins with a review and discussion of what controls behavior. We will then focus on a novel concept called “the path of least resistance” (PoLR). The PoLR directs your thoughts, feelings, and actions as predictably as gravity directs the raindrop, and it has been doing so since the day you were born.

The next stop on our journey explores the fundamentals of the creative process. With a simple yet elegant concept called abstractions, we will identify that every activity in your life is creative. This includes how you have developed your personal story. Your personal story controls every aspect of your conscious life. It is the movie in your mind that tells you who you are. Typically, the unconscious creative process has determined your story. This insight has the potential to instantaneously transform your existence.

Finally, you will learn how to master the creative process. Each individual step is broken down and fully explained. You will learn how to easily bypass conflict, in order to focus all your energy on creating health, fulfilling relationships, and financial freedom. You will be an expert at creating and achieving a compelling vision. This expertise will encourage you to adopt an even bolder vision for your life – you will enjoy a predictably expanding version of yourself.

What is preventing you from being happy now? The answer is, nothing. As you learn to focus all your attention on the present moment, the tyranny of the past and future disappear. A sense of calm will descend upon you. With no past and no future, your natural state is contentment (see the Recreation Handbook). The conscious creative process will provide true, long-term predictable happiness. It will help you transcend the old unconscious story of your life and encourage you to form a new and compelling one. It is the best method for you to bypass the intractable conflicts of your life in a predictable way.  The experience of an expanding life, created and directed by you, is true happiness.

Happiness evolves from being the conscious creator of your life. Fulfillment comes from abundant energy, meaningful relationships, and an expanding business (exchange in abundance). A fuller and greater expression of life, through an intimate knowledge of the creative process, is the most direct and predictable path to happiness. You are about to learn this path in the Creative Process Workbook.



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