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Learning to Connect with Nature

written by Maryanne Comaroto, PhD November 25, 2020
Learning to Connect with Nature

Some do not grow up in Nature. Maryanne Comaroto, Phd, shares the ways she learned to connect with Nature.

When I was a kid I figured Nature was basically a guy thing; the same way I supposed wearing wigs, for example, was primarily a girl thing. That’s probably because when I was growing up, it was men who did things like hunt, spear, shoot, capture, and in some cases, kill, while the females stayed, let’s say, nearer to the hearth (or shopping mall). And even though the men in my house didn’t necessarily do any of those things, no more than we sat around churning butter, milking cows, plucking chickens, or stirring cauldrons, that doesn’t change my point; Nature seemed most sanctioned for those less prone to wear wigs. Let me explain.

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