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Fun Things Couples Can Do to Spice Things Up

written by Tal Araim December 10, 2019
Fun Things Couples Can Do to Spice Things Up

What are some fun things couples can do to spice things up? I was asked this question recently and thought it is worth sharing the answer here as I’m sure many of us have asked this question ourselves.

The Underlying Problem

When I first tried to answer this question, however, I found that there was a fundamental flaw in asking such a question. Asking the above highlights the very misunderstanding that exits in relationships which is the reason why the vast majority end up dull. We think of “fun” as a transient commodity rather than as one of the main reasons why two people should still be together.

Many couples declare themselves to be an item even though the level of fun in their relationship is beginning to decrease. In fact, many increase commitments in the hope of combating the decrease of fun and the increase of friction. They think that perhaps if they move in together or get engaged or married or even have a child, such an act will reduce the insecurity which, they wrongly think, must be the real reason behind the decrease of fun and pleasure.

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