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I’m Learning to Steer

written by Cindy Strom April 16, 2019
Learning to Steer

I’ve loved to drive ever since I was old enough to do it. I loved the feeling of freedom, the hand to eye to foot coordination, the responsiveness and handling of the vehicle, the roominess…I could go on and on. I appreciate the knowledge needed to be a good motorist, to follow the Rules of the Road, to be cooperative when dealing with other motorists, and all the nuances of being a good driver.

I was taught the specific guidelines, rules, regulations, and laws to adhere to for my safety and the safety of others (including pedestrians and animals), and it is always my desire to have a happy ride getting where I want to go. It also takes skill. It is a skill that is developed over time, through practice, through experience, and hopefully, through minimal mistakes and incidents.

I’ve learned to make adjustments as I steer the car while making turns, avoiding potholes, or parking. Other adjustments are subtle, minor changes if I feel like I am getting too close to a line, drifting off onto the shoulder of the road, or when planning ahead for something before I get there.

I keep my eyes on the road and the conditions, looking forward, aware of my surroundings, and careful when making adjustments. I would never drive with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas, or drive staring into the rearview mirror for more than a split second at a time. Nor can I drive well if the vehicle has not been properly maintained, or if I am not in the proper mental and physical capacities to operate the vehicle.

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