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The Toxic Mistakes that are Keeping You Single

Six Top Mistakes

written by Susan Trombetti December 6, 2019
The Toxic Mistakes that are Keeping You Single

So, you are single and your friends tell you that you are great! You are beautiful, educated, and have a great job. What you don’t have is a partner to share it with, and you don’t know why. As a matchmaker, I know why, and your friends really know why. If any of them dare be honest with you though, the toxic tirade that would be unleashed would be unbearable; the fallout from such a revelation would never be forgiven. What a price to pay for a dose of honesty that you desperately needed. That’s not with they signed up for when they became your friend. You talk to your shrink, but they only see you for 45 minutes a week and have no idea what you are like in the wild. The therapist only gets your one-sided perspective and he /she is as baffled as you are about your dating dilemmas. Good news; is there is hope. Maybe you will spot yourself in this mess. If not, ask a few friends to tell you anonymously what your problem is and I am sure it would be extremely revealing. Regardless, a little self-awareness can go a long way. Trust me when I say, sometimes, you don’t need a matchmaker, but you do need a dating intervention! There are six behaviors that you likely need to change.

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