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Why He Ditched You: What Your Girlfriends Won’t Tell You

written by Susan Trombetti June 25, 2019
Why He Ditched You: What Your Girlfriends Won’t Tell You

Your girlfriends are some of the best people in your life, so in honor of your girlfriends, we are going to tell you what they are afraid to tell you to your face. They’ve always got your back (especially during a break-up). But sometimes, being a caring girlfriend and an honest friend is hard when you see your friend getting dumped over and over. And while your girlfriends will tell you, “It’s because you’re too nice,” or,  “You were too good for him,” they’re there primarily for comfort, and not the cold, hard truth.

As a matchmaker, we want you to know that your girlfriends mean something different than what they say to your face. They love you and never want to hurt your feelings! The truth is, though, he dumped you for a reason. It seems a little harsh, but Susan Trombetti of Exclusive Matchmaking knows the real reasons you were dumped so it doesn’t happen again! So, take relationship advice from her, and keep the girlfriends for fabulous vacation getaways and flirty nights out on the town meeting hot guys with them as your wing-women! Oh, we almost forgot… your girlfriends are usually good at keeping your secrets, too! They just can’t and won’t tell you the cold, hard truth as to why you were dumped yet again! It’s not a secret.

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