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20 First Date Ideas to Make a Great First Impression

written by Susan Trombetti October 27, 2020
First Date Ideas to Make a Great First Impression

Asking someone out on a first date — and having them accept the invite, of course — gives you a rush like no other. But almost as soon as the excitement sets in, so does a little panic as you realize that you need a plan — and not just any plan, a good one. They say first impressions are everything, after all, and if you want to have a real long-term shot with this person, you probably want to wow them right off the bat with your first date ideas. The secret? Thinking outside the box. The best first date ideas are unique, and therefore, make you stand out among everyone else in the dating pool.

Sure, you could make a reservation at that Italian joint downtown, or agree to meet for happy hour at the same trendy bar. But why settle for the same tired plans when you’ve met someone special? They deserve better, and so do you. Besides, sharing a meal or a couple of cocktails puts a whole lot of pressure on your ability to keep the momentum rolling in a conversation because there are no other distractions. There are so many other first date ideas that aren’t dinner or drinks that provide endless opportunities to get to know each other better, while also potentially finding common ground and making more meaningful memories together.

If you could use a little inspiration (couldn’t we all?) — here are some of my favorite first date ideas that are different, and most importantly, fun.

Good First Date Ideas

1. Scope out a farmers market.

There’s hardly a better way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon than sampling some fresh local and seasonal produce. Plus, if you pick up enough ingredients for a specific recipe, then — boom — you’ve already got your second date planned (cooking dinner together, of course!).

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