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Dealing with Rejection – and Why it’s a Good Thing

written by Marcus Neo August 8, 2019
Dealing with Rejection - and Why it's a Good Thing

There is a lot of dating advice out there that claims to sell you a foolproof technique to get around dealing with rejection. Unfortunately, that is just marketing. In reality, the man who gets rejected the most often also gets the most results. This doesn’t happen by chance. No matter how much charisma you think you have, or how you alter your behavior, a good portion of people you meet aren’t going to be interested or available at that point in time. Dating is a numbers game to a certain extent. Our job is to get to the point of knowing whether someone either is going to move forward with us or not, in the shortest time possible. So if you want to save hours, days, and years of time, read on to see why rejection can be a good thing.

Incompatibility in Life Circumstances

If you’ve made a point of not going out with someone who doesn’t value your time, then the people that reject you become immediately incompatible. If you’ve drawn the line of not hanging out with people who don’t value you as a person, then you’ll no longer need to play the chasing game.

The majority of times, you get rejected not because you did something creepy or obnoxious, but because of mere circumstances.

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