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The Gift of Rejection

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell February 18, 2019
The Gift of Rejection

Rejection can hurt. Perhaps a person can be rejected by a friend, partner, boss, sibling, parent, co-worker, someone you work out with at the gym, or even your grown child. Scientists are discovering that the hurt of rejection can be actually recorded within your body.

My first memory of rejection was when I was thirteen years old.

I went to a local elementary school that was a block from my home in Buffalo, New York. It was a small school and all of the students could walk to the school. It was in the lower middle class side of town. All of the students were friendly, and the only thing that really mattered was that a person was nice to others. None of us had expensive clothes or houses. We had just enough, but nothing of excess.

When we graduated from this sweet elementary school, we had to be bused three miles to a very expensive part of Buffalo called Amherst. This was the wealthiest school in the whole area. Those of us from little Windermere Elementary didn’t really fit in this expensive place because of our simple clothes and humble beginnings. But we did not know this since it never mattered before.

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