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8 Tips on How to Slow Down

written by Michele Rout July 9, 2018
Balanced lifstyle

There is a perception in our society that the longer hours one works the better one’s work ethic is and the more successful someone will be. But research shows that working fewer hours and having life balance gives a person more energy, motivates them more, and makes them more productive.  It’s about working smarter, not longer.

Businesses are becoming more flexible as technology allows them to be open to the idea of staff working from home. They’re getting leaner with tough economic times, and as they seek to outsource the human component to become more efficient, it leads to an opportunity for individuals to decide their hours and working conditions.

The reality for many people, however, is they simply can’t just give up their day jobs and make a go of it on their own. Often we are told by inspirational figures who have risked all to follow their dreams and reach great heights of success, to do the same, to go out there and just follow your heart. And when we don’t, because of the reality of our situation or financial responsibilities, we are then wracked with guilt of a life unlived. But maybe sticking to that job is the right thing to do, especially if you have a family to support.

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