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Transformation Distinct From Change

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano July 23, 2018
Woman enjoying the breeze during her transformation process

This is the Age of Transformation!

An innocent man sits on death row hours before his execution, examining his life. He is resigned to the harshness and unfairness of his fate. He contemplates; what possibilities remain for me? Most people would surmise they are limited. Suddenly, the warden walks in and says: “The killer has confessed. You are free to go!” What are his possibilities now? You sense a whole new realm of opportunity for him. In an instant, his life has been transformed. You possess the same power of transformation.

Many individuals live in a prison of the mind, a self-inflicted bondage of thoughts, feelings and actions. You are living in the age of transformation, and there is a new realm of possibility available to you. You can access life transforming information in seconds from the comfort of your living room. Your first transformation is the realization that you can choose to create a better life. Your second transformation is your willingness to see a new realm of possibility, and your third transformation is the certainty that you can create the life you desire. The final transformation is to know, through experience, that you are the great transformer of the universe (see our book The Ultimate Secret).

Have you created any prison cells in your life?  For most people, their thoughts are self-inflicted bondage, worse than any super-max prison. Instead of breaking free from these limiting thoughts and beliefs, they decorate their cells. The creative process is not designed for you to better handle unwanted circumstances; it is designed for you to break free. You can and will direct your thoughts to any result you desire in this lifetime. You are not meant to settle for less, compromise, or lower your expectations (see our article Conflict Management).  With new insights, distinctions, and the creative process, you will set yourself free; you will escape any personal prison you have created. You will instantly see a new realm of possibility for your life.

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